New Year, New Health Insurance Plans

It seems like none of us are immune to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare insurance. Like many others, my family and I are going through new plans, rules, and deductibles effective with the New Year. I think these insurance changes can be confusing and overwhelming.

I wanted to use this transition to the New Year as an opportunity to highlight the healthcare coverage options available to my clients.

  • I accept health insurance, health savings account (HSA), and fee for service clients.
  • I am an approved provider with:
    • Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Aetna
    • Other insurance companies (as an out of network provider)

If your insurance provider is not listed, you may be able to pay for fee for service with a pre-tax healthcare savings vehicle, such as a Flexible Spending Account or HSA. Consult with your employer or health insurance company to learn more. 

Last year, I worked with several clients to maintain their level of care while effectively navigating the health insurance landscape. This included seeking out pre-authorizations or offering more tailored, focused sessions prior to families having met their annual deductibles.

My mission has and will remain the same as stated on the homepage of this website

I will work with you to improve your quality of life

Being on both sides of the health insurance system as a provider and a patient, I understand how challenging it can be to read the tea-leaves of ever-evolving health insurance coverage.

At the beginning of a New Year, I don't want client progress hindered or halted because of insurance changes. So let's work together in 2017 to focus on quality of life through behavioral change rather than getting bogged down in details while perseverating on the fine print.

I'm on the news!

Each day during the "Week of Miracles," 13 WHAM News profiles a 2016 Golisano Children's Hospital Miracle Kid. Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to talk with Norma Holland about my work with Fauna and her son Daniel. Their story aired on Wednesday, September 14: 

You can read more about the story here. I also previously wrote about my time with Fauna and Daniel in the BIFF clinic at URMC in my blog and on the website. The work Fauna and I did together is quite literally why I do what I do for a living. I would not be who I am if it were not for the amazing opportunities I have to work with families like them everyday.

Finding the Right Provider

I was recently asked by the Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder (RRCASD) to write an Information Sheet that helps to address a very important question:

What do I do now?

This is a question I often faced in diagnostic clinic when a caregiver receives a diagnosis and is feeling uncertain about what to do next. As part of the diagnostic process, the caregiver will receive a plan that outlines recommended next steps. While hopefully helpful, this document is more of a road map than a how-to guide, and these next steps often involve finding new providers for ongoing support.  The next important question caregivers face is:

How do I find the "right" provider?

I wrote this document to help address this question in an organized way. I try to define things like: what type of providers are out there, and what is the difference between them (e.g., what does that alphabet soup of certifications even mean?)  I also outline types of services, service delivery formats, and how to choose the right therapist for the patient and family. This all may sound a bit familiar if you have navigated around my website.

I am grateful for the Rochester Regional Center for Autism Spectrum Disorder (RRCASD) distributing this resource and hope that it provides some clarity and concrete next steps for families trying to figure out the next steps after a loved one receives a new diagnosis.