spare socks

Have on Hand: Extra Socks

Summer fun with kids often includes festivals with bounce houses, playgrounds, bounce pillows, and other play places.  On the one hand, summer often means flip-flops, sandals, and crocs – in other words, footwear without socks.  On the other, “No Shoes” is a pretty common rule when enjoying these different jumping experiences. But socks are usually required.

So my life hack here is a footwear accessory that we forget but often need during the summer.


On one recent trip, my Better Half sat barefoot while our daughter donned ridiculously large adult athletic socks up to her knees so she could jump to her heart’s delight. We’ve also been squeezed into purchasing overpriced socks just so our kids could participate in an activity. Not to mention that time we got stuck in a downpour and the kids complained about wet socks and shoes the whole ride home.

We’ve since wised up and now keep an extra pair of socks for everyone in the car. My Better Half took it a step further and put an extra pair for both kids in her purse when she knew there was a birthday party soon at one of those bounce places. Luckily, our kids were in sneakers that day and arrived at the party in sock-covered feet. There was a friend who didn’t remember that detail, and we were able to "come to the rescue" with clean socks for them to borrow. So grab a clean pair of socks for everyone and throw them in the car. Maybe even store them in your plastic bag...