My life's calling found me when I wasn't looking for it

Posted outside the last undergraduate psychology course I took, a flyer described a family looking for therapists and offering in-home training and supervision. Little did I know then that I would fall in love with autism when I met two brothers in the spring of 2004.

Daily with their parents and supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Therapist from the LOVAAS Institute, my life's calling found me. From there, I pursued research experiences at the University of Maryland Medical Center and Children's National Medical Center with the ultimate goal of gaining acceptance to a graduate program to further my clinical training working with children and their families.

I volunteer with local not-for-profits that support children and families

Here is a list of some of the organizations that I am proud to be a part of:


My wife and I moved to Rochester in August of 2007 to pursue my Ph.D. We knew it would be a hard, but worthwhile process. What an adventure it has been! Along the way, we've had two children and decided to stay in the Rochester area to raise our family. Here are my favorite memories from Graduation on May 16, 2015.